Collection: ED&I

PLEASE NOTE:  These products are not always stocked in salon and may be shipped directly from supplier.  Shipping turnaround is usually between 3-5 days.

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Formulated to EMPOWER skin confidence.

At ED&I, we are driven by an ambitious and exciting mission to support and empower skin confidence for all women through a transformative skincare system.


We understand that each of us is on a unique skin journey, and while we acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we can confidently assure you that we have collaborated with a team of expert skin scientists to develop highly effective formulas for our products. Our mission is to support as many women as possible in achieving skin confidence.

ED&I BODY offers a comprehensive skincare system that upholds our commitment to delivering top-quality products. Our sophisticated and efficient formulas are designed by skin scientists, providing clean and user-friendly products. With our exclusive formulas, you can expect to experience a renewed, radiant, and healthy glow that enhances your skin's natural feel. Our aim is to empower every woman to effortlessly embrace her most beautiful self.

Our products are locally designed and manufactured in New Zealand by some of the country's finest skin scientists. We derive our body care ingredients from natural sources, and our face/skincare ingredients are carefully selected from natural sources and enhanced with advanced skin science.

At ED&I, transparency is an essential value that we uphold in all of our operations. Our purpose is to bring skin confidence to our customers, and we believe that transparency is an integral part of achieving that goal. This principle extends not only to our business but to me as a founder.

We aspire to create a community where every member feels heard and has a direct voice in building functional and relatable products that are authentic to their needs. We recognize that our community is integral to our success, and we want to share this journey with all of our customers.