Luxury Facials

Experience a facial treatment that will take you to blissful relaxation, rejuvenate and leave you feeling a million dollars.

If it is your first time booking a facial with us, we ask you to book our consultation so we allow time to work out the best possible treatment for you on that day and what your wants and needs may be.

The 80/20 Rule - 100% of your results depends on 80% of what you do at home and 20% of what you do in the treatment room.


Skin Consultation 15-30 minutes $50


Complimentary with first facial or when purchasing skin care.


For your Bespoke Facial, we will analyse your skin and converse with you to decide which is the best treatment for you from the following options:  Please note, facials will be tailored to suit the individuals needs and may be slightly different than described depending on clients needs.
  • ANTI AGEING RESTORE - For this targeted treatment, we will be using our advanced Sabore Anti Ageing Range focused on enriching the skin cells where it needs it, and stimulating cells.  We will use one of our effective enzymatic peels to remove any surface cell build up and awaken the skin cells before using our LED Light Therapy to boost collagen production.  We will then add a targeted Sabore Serum underneath our Essential Skin Saviour rich with Evening Primrose Oil and other nutrients while we massage you with warm massage oils.  We will then add even more nourishment and goodness to your skin with one of our treatment masks, while you relax with our warmed eye mask and enjoy a hand & arm massage.  To conclude your treatment we will apply appropriate products to finish, and you can then enjoy some time in our relax area with some warm tea or cool water enhanced with our Akasha Collagen Drink to further treat the skin within. 
  • REBALANCE Acne - utilising the healing ingredients of our Sabore Rebalance range with Activated Charcoal, Vitamin C, Rooibos, Green Tea & White Tea, your skin is gently cleansed and calmed.  Depending on your skin we may use our Enzyme Pumpkin peel to gently exfoliate.  We then use our amazing LED Light Therapy to target healing the skin and treating the acne bacteria.  Depending on the skin, we may do lymphatic drainage facial massage, or a gentle Swedish massage with warm, nourishing oils.  While you relax with a targeted mask we massage your hands & arms in a room filled with beautiful scents, relaxing candlelight and soft music.  We will conclude your treatment with our Rebalance skin range followed by refreshments featuring our Akasha Collagen Powder.
  • BARRIER CALM Sensitive - If you suffer from sensitive skin, there will be reasoning behind it and we can help to find out.  In the meantime, we can treat your precious skin with the utmost gentle care utilising our Sabore Sensitive Range with ingredients of Rosehip Oil, B Vitamins, Jojoba and Copaifera Resin Oil renown for treatment of psoriasis and eczema.  We will use our LED Red Light to target inflammation and encourage cell strengthening.  We may do a very gentle lymphatic drainage massage while your skin absorbs our Sabore Barrier Restore Serum.  We will apply a soothing alginate mask while you enjoy a massage of your hands and arms.  As you awaken in our candlelit room, you will then be able to enjoy refreshments featuring our Akasha Collagen drink to further nurture your skin from within.
  • BRIGHTENING FACIAL Sun Damage, Antiageing - For those that want their skin to have a real work over, our Brightening Facial is just what you need.  We will start with having our senses awakened by our beautiful Sabore Clarity range scented with lemongrass and lime.  We will then use either our Berry or Pumpkin Enzymatic Peel to soften the dead skin cells and brighten the skin, or even a glycolic if your skin barrier is strong.  We will then use our microdermabrasion machine to leave your skin as soft as a baby, while stimulating all your cells and collagen, and reducing pigmentation.  Your skin will feel quite stimulated after this, so we will calm it down with our barrier restore serum, but to further enhance the treatment we will add our Vitamin C serum with hylaronic, so your skin will be pumped with moisture and vitality.  We will finish with a soothing alginate mask while you enjoy a relaxing hand & arm massage.  Once we have applied your finishing products, you will then be able to enjoy our relax area with refreshments featuring our Akasha Collagen drink to treat your skin from within.
For your Bespoke Facial, after determining the most suitable treatment for your skin from one of the following, we will focus on a targeted regimen with lots of hands on treatment to deeply relax and leave you with a beautiful glow:
  • ANTI AGEING Clarity - this facial treatment will be utilising our highly effective Sabore Anti-ageing and Clarity range.  Our Clarity range will awaken your senses thanks to its beautifully fragranced Lemongrass and Lime Scent, while our creamy Anti Ageing Cleanser with lather your skin with nourishment.  Depending on your skin, we will either use our beautiful Clarity Scrub or one of our amazing enzymatic exfoliants.  We will massage one of our Sabore targeted serums depending on your skins needs.  We will massage you with beautiful warmed facial oils, and lather you in one of our super nourishing face masks while we massage your hands and arms with more heavenly scented oils.  We will finish with the appropriate skin care, and then you can enjoy our relax area with a lovely warm tea or a cool water with our Akasha collagen powder to further nurture your skin from within.
  • REBALANCE Acne - if you are suffering from low to medium grade acne, this treatment will give your skin a gentle and effective treatment to target imbalance, active breakouts and irritation.  We will ensure to give you a thorough consultation to help you figure out the best treatment for you, and also advise ongoing care if you would like it.  In the meantime, we will have you lay down, comfy and cosy in our warm bed, and just relax....  We will gently cleanse with our Rebalance range, rich with super healing ingredients of activated charcoal, Vitamin C, Green, White & Rooibos Teas.  Our enzymatic pumpkin peel is amazing for acne skin types, and will gentle soften and smooth the skin and yet again encourage healing to the area.  Depending on your skin, we will follow with an appropriate Sabore targeted serum, and a lymphatic drainage focused massage to encourage removal of toxins in the most gentle, less stimulating way.  We will treat your skin with one of our super nourishing masks while we massage your hands & arms.  We will finish with appropriate skin care, and encourage you to enjoy some time in our relax area with either a warm tea or cool water with our Akasha Collagen Powder to further treat your skin from within.
  • BARRIER RESTORE - Having sensitive skin doesn't mean you should miss out on the finer things in life, like a beautiful facial.  Our Sabore Sensitive Range uses gentle oils and calming ingredients to make it a comfortable and pleasant experience. Rosehip Oil, B Vitamins, Jojoba and Copaifera Resin Oil, known for treatment of psoriasis and eczema are well utilised to calm and heal the skin gently.  We will steer clear of exfoliating on your skin, and rather focus on barrier repair.  Our newest Sabore Barrier Repair Serum will do all the work for us as we gently add some lymphatic drainage movements that won't overstimulate your skin.  We will then treat your skin further with one of our Sabore targeted masks, while you also enjoy a restoring hand & arm massage and a calming eye mask.  When we finish we will add further restorative products, and encourage you to enjoy a warm drink or cool water with Akasha collagen powder to further treat your skin from the inside.      
PETITE Bespoke Facial - 30 minute $80
She may be small, but she is still mighty!  Our 30 minute Facial is designed for those with a time constraint but still want to get an effective salon treatment.
After determining the best products and treatment for your skin focus, we cleanse and warm the skin with our lavender infused hot towels.  We then exfoliate with either one of our Berry, Pumpkin or Tropical Enzymatic Peels, or we use one of our other Sabore exfoliants to leave your skin soft and smooth.  We follow with a targeted active Sabore Serum underneath one of our super nourishing masks.  While you enjoy your time out, we give you a soothing hand & arm massage.  Once we have applied the appropriate finishing skincare, we invite you to spend a few moments in our relax area with a warm tea or cool water with our Akasha collagen powder to further enhance your skin from within.  And don't worry, if you can't stay any longer, you can take the sample home with you. 



YOUTH FACIAL (ages tween to 20) - 45 minute $70 

We all want our young ones to get the best start in life, and we believe encouraging them to look after their wellbeing and skin is a valuable tool.

Bring them in to us where they will be treated as a VIP, and learn great skills to get them on track with their skin, including the right homecare, diet & lifestyle choices.

We will work with you (parent/caregiver) and give as much advice as we can on particular skin concerns, and or can refer you on to a trusted expert if it is out of our league.

Your Youth will be able to enjoy a gentle facial featuring specially designed Tweeny Skincare with minimal actives (to avoid sensitivity) with cleansing, gentle exfoliating, facial massage and mask to cleanse, nourish and hydrate young skin.

We invite you to enjoy our relax area afterwards with refreshments and will provide you with advice to take home so you don't forget all the information we give you and you can carry on the benefits of looking after your skin and wellbeing at home.

Our refreshment options provided as part of our service:

We are proud to be stockists of the exceptional range of teas from Forage + Bloom.


Created by naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist Hannah McMenamin,  Forage + Bloom is a range of organic herbal teas designed to help you live well, and we think they fit perfectly to enhance your wellbeing.

We also provide our Akasha Collagen drink as part of our service.  

Collagen has been proven as an excellent supplement for the skin, hair, nails and joint care, hence why we choose to give this to you as part of our service.