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Pukeko-Birds of Aotearoa Candle

Pukeko-Birds of Aotearoa Candle

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Pūkeko is often found around the edges of swamps, on farmland and on the roadside! When they fly, the Pūkeko looks like its legs are dancing. 

This fragrance is curious, warm, woody and light. It is a light and comforting outdoor fragrance with notes of zesty lime, light florals and wood smoke.

This candle is double wicked with wood wicks for a delightful relaxing experience. Each candle burns for approx 50 hours. 

This artwork was commissioned and is an original artwork done by the very talented Simple Home Designs. All artworks belong to Paper Daisy Story and credit belongs to Simple Home Designs. Artwork is not to be reproduced. 


*Never leave a candle burning unattended, always burn your candle out of reach of children, pets and from being knocked over or catching something above it. Always trim your wick before lighting. 
All fragrances are phathalate free, parrafin free and not tested on animals. They are safe for pets and children. 


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