Have you got a bold red lipstick in your makeup kit?

Have you got a bold red lipstick in your makeup kit?

Recently I was able to escape the reality of my everyday lifestyle of being a busy housewife and Mum, and get out the door for a girls night!

One of the best parts for me about getting ready for a night out, is getting dressed up and putting on some makeup!

For such an occasion, I found my old red dress and decided to be bold and team it with Saboré Mineral Lipstick "Captive". 

Sabores lipsticks are always a pleasure to wear. 

They are creamy, yet light, comforting and above all, pretty colours!

A wee tip with lipstick, apply with a lipstick brush (one with a lid is certainly a must have if you're wearing red!) and you will get a smooth finish and avoid ruining the tip of your lipstick.

Also be mindful of lipstick on the teeth when you wear a bold colour, and a lip liner and powder underneath can also be helpful to avoid smudging!

If you want to try any of the Sabore range of makeup, I can be on hand to help try colours, and find your perfect colour.

Happy makeup days! 👄🦄💄



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