Waxing Prep & Aftercare

Prior to waxing

We recommend your hair growth is at least 3 weeks for most areas (this can differ with person to person so please ask).

This allows the hair growth to be long enough to come out properly, and also be at the stage of growth where removal will be timed to not have new growth coming through at the same time (this may be closer to 4 weeks in many cases)

It can take a few months of regular waxing to get in to a routine that will ensure a clean wax that lasts as long as possible before the next one.

Hormones and other factors also play a part, but a regular (every 3 to 6 weeks) routine does help.

To help with easy hair removal, exfoliating regularly and the day before waxing can help loosen the debris around the hair removing it easily.

Try an exfoliating mitt or scrub with Alpha Hydroxy Acids for effective results.

Moisturising daily and applying an pre & aftercare treatment like Bump Eraiser will provide the following benefits:

 1. Use PRIOR to hair removal to ease and reduce the discomfort of hair removal.

2. Use AFTER hair removal as the enzymes weaken the papilla and hair follicle, retarding hair growth.

3. Ensures ingrown hairs do not become a problem. Ideal for hairs that are coarse and strong. Vegan Friendly. Suitable for all areas of the body. Use daily for best results.

Keeping up with regular wax appointments will help to retard and soften hair growth, often leaving you with less hair to remove overall.