Lash Lift Before & After Care

Prior to having your lashes treated to a lash lift, you can use a lash growth serum.  Please do not use for 24 hours prior to having your lash lift and 24 hours afterwards.

After your Lash Lift (first 24-48 hours)

Avoid exposure to heat and steam (no long hot showers sorry!)

Avoid Oil cleansers and waterproof mascara, they may strip the tint and disturb the results.

Try to avoid side sleeping or face down, this can cause your lashes to sit in a new and unsightly direction.  Try sleeping on your back.

If you do end up with your lashes a little out of shape, just use a spoolie to gently brush back into place.

In the first 48 hours and beyond, its key to rehydrate.  Use a lightweight serum designed for lifted lashes such as Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare or the Elleebana Hyaluronic Boost Serum.

Both formulations are fantastic for ensuring optimal hair health post lash and brow treatments.