Navigating the Skincare Maze: Skincare for Tweens & Teens

Navigating the Skincare Maze: Skincare for Tweens & Teens

With the digital age in full swing it’s no surprise that tweens and teens are turning to social media platforms for beauty advice. A viral TikTok video (link here) states “We’re Gen Alpha influencers, of course we’re obsessed with skincare… We’re Gen Alpha influencers, of course our favourite stores are Sephora and Ulta”.  (Generation Alpha are defined as those born between 2010 and 2024 - meaning the oldest Gen Alpha influencers are 14.) A recent article in the NZ Herald (link here) reported that children as young as 9 were flocking to stores like Sephora and Mecca in search of skincare with active ingredients like retinol and peptides. 

Busting the Retinol Myth

Contrary to popular belief, Retinol, a potent skincare ingredient lauded for its anti-ageing properties, isn’t necessary for the young, vibrant skin of tweens and teens. In fact, it could do more harm than good by damaging the skin’s protective barrier. At this tender age it’s likely the skin requires nothing more than a gentle cleanser, moisturiser and SPF to stay protected, healthy and glowing.

The Simple Truth

With the allure of popular brands on social media it’s easy to get caught up in the craze of elaborate skincare routines. However, most skincare professionals (this one included) agree that for tweens and teens, a simplified regime is not only sufficient, but recommended. The focus should be on maintaining the skin’s health through gentle care, rather than introducing harsh treatments or products that could strip the skin’s natural acid mantle. 

Expert Advice Over Trends

While the latest viral skincare trend might seem appealing, it’s important to seek professional advice before introducing harsh ingredients into a young person’s skincare routine. Conditions like acne and eczema usually require specialised treatment, and what works for one person’s skin might not work for another’s. This is where the expertise of an esthetician becomes invaluable. 

Tweeny Skin: Specialised Skincare for Tweens and Teens

Understanding the need for simple, safe and effective skincare for tweens and teens - we’re excited to be the only New Zealand based stockist for Tweeny Skin. Tweeny Skin is a line of skincare products founded by a tween, for tweens. Their goal is providing quality skincare products that protect young skin, treat common tweenage skin conditions and establish a simple and effective skincare routine, without the use of harsh, unnecessary ingredients. 

Remember, skincare is a journey, and every person’s skin is unique. So whether you’re navigating the challenges of acne, or simply looking for a daily routine to keep your skin glowing, know that there is a solution out there for you. Here at Kallos Beauty we’re happy to discuss your skincare needs or make recommendations. Feel free to contact us, or book a consultation via our booking page.

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