Winter Blog May/June 2024

Winter Blog May/June 2024

Winter is definitely just around the corner, the mornings and evenings are darker and colder, the heat pumps and fires are going, and the winter woolies are out!


As you may be aware, the continuous changes of cold and hot air tends to cause another level of dryness and dehydration on our skin.  The slightly too hot showers or baths because we’re feeling the cold also create a bit of surface dryness!

How can we address this?


Firstly I can’t say it enough, make sure you have a consistent Essential Fatty Acid intake.

We want more Omega 3, and a little less Omega 6 usually (our diets tend to already be high in these)  

We need to be eating lots of oily fish weekly to keep up this intake, as well as other foods like walnuts, kale, spinach and watercress.

Not always easy to manage, therefore a supplement is an easy way to increase the benefits of Omega 3s.

We now stock Waihi Bush Flaxseed Oils that offer an excellent way to incorporate our essential fatty acids.

We usually recommend starting with the Waihi Bush Omega 3 Super Boost, as this has the addition of other specially selected oils (evening primrose, hemp, pumpkin & coconut) which supports a quicker response in new users of flaxseed oil as it boosts your ability to utilise EFA’s.  Modern living can inhibit the enzyme (D6D) needed to convert essential fatty acids, so the inclusion of secondary Omegas provides a solution to getting them into the body.

Our bodies tend to crave more comfort food in Winter, making it a little too easy to pack on the pounds and reach for not so nutritious options. Dont be too hard on yourself, we have to get through the Winter somehow, but do remember when we eat well and look after ourselves, it does reflect in the mind, body and spirit.

Meal planning on the weekends can set you up for a busy week, it doesnt have to be complicated either.  

Soups, and slow cooker meals can be easy to also increase the batches and freeze.  Try to add extra veges to your batches for extra nutrients! 

Consider a greens supplement to add to your diet if you feel you aren’t getting enough.  We love Vital Greens as it has additional pre & probiotics for good gut health, offering additional benefits to our immune system over Winter.

Speaking of Immunity, this season we have been trialling Happy Healthy You ‘Happy Defence’.  My husband has a strong immune system so hasnt been taking it, but I have been taking one a day, and the girls half a cap every morning, and so far it has seemed good.  Mine and our youngest daughter Ivy’s immunity has been very low since she was born, so finding something to boost it is very much needed!

I have found so far we have had a touch of a sniffly nose, then it is gone within a day… we will see if this continues or has just been a fluke so far!


Lastly, I would like to mention it is a great time to come in salon if you would like to work on reversing some sun damage!

I have specifically mentioned dietary suggestions before this, as this is just as important to be doing before you consider in salon peels.

We want your skin barrier to be strong and in good working order before we consider peels.  This means making sure you are following a good skincare routine for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment, and making sure your Omega 3 levels are optimal.

Following this, we can then work out a treatment plan including one of our fruit acid and or kojic peels, and a treatment serum in between.  (Note, you need to avoid active ingredients for a couple of days either side of your peel)

If your skin concern isnt sun damage and pigmentation, but maybe you feel your skin needs a good resurfacing treatment and deep cleanse, our Sabore Enzyme Peels are gentle but effective and smell devine!

For our bodies, dont forget our fabulous Azure Tan range!  You can keep up your Summer Tan with our spray tans, or use one of their amazing body butters or creams with skin loving peptides to smooth and glow at the same time.

If tanning isn't your thing, they do also have an amazing ‘no tan’ body butter that also has a delicious smell and leaves your skin feeling soft and protected from the winter dryness. It always sells out though so pays to stock up!

Get through the winter months with some self care, and before we know it, spring will be twinkling at us!



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