Lashes & Brows


Enhance your best features with our expert colouring, precision shaping and lash lifting treatments

EYELASH TINT 25 minutes $29

Eyelash tinting is a colouring process that gives the effect of longer, darker lashes and can be a great alternative or enhancement to mascara.

ProFUSION Re-Gen EYELASH LIFT & TINT 45-60 minutes $85

In just 40 minutes a lash lift will lift and curl your natural lashes from the roots, resulting in defined, longer looking lashes with added volume from a dark tint.  The best part is the effect can last 6 to 8 weeks! Wake up with stunning lashes everyday without any effort and your own natural lashes!

We complete our eyelash lift with the optimal lash care of Elleplex RE-Gen, adding protection and strength by restoring protein and structure to the lashes.

We advise waiting 8 weeks between treatments and to use Elleplex Lashlift Aftercare to maintain the health of your lashes. 

EYEBROW SHAPE 15 to 30 minutes $25

We measure and shape your eyebrows to your perfection, using quality wax and precision tweezing. Finished with a soothing eyebrow massage with aftercare oil.

EYEBROW SHAPE & TINT 30 minutes $40

Precision and colour to give you the perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows.

HENNA OR HYBRID BROWS 30-45 minutes $55

Henna or Hybrid Brows are an excellent option for those who have sparse eyebrows or prefer a fuller look, giving the illusion of fuller brows with a deeper and longer lasting stain on the skin than traditional tint.

Henna and Hybrid colour can stain the skin up to 7 to 14 days depending on skin type, and 4 to 7 weeks on hair colour.


Awaken your eyes with a beautiful depth of colour and a precision eyebrow shape.

ENHANCING EYE TRIO 45-60 minutes $60

Includes Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint, Brow Shape and Tidy to enhance the eyes through depth of colour and precise shaping


Includes Henna or Hybrid Brow Colour, Eyelash Tint and Brow Shape and Tidy

As part of our policies and procedures, we ask you to fill in a consultation form providing us with relevant health and medical history to ensure the best possible outcome for any of our treatments and services.

We also offer aftercare advice and products to continue the best results at home.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Any form of tinting, dyeing, colouring comes with the risk of a reaction.  If it is your first time or it has been some time between appointments, we recommend a patch test at least 24 hours before an appointment.  Please book this in before your main appointment.