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Sabore Anti Ageing Cleanser 150ml

Sabore Anti Ageing Cleanser 150ml

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Sabore’s Anti-Ageing Cleanser is part of our Anti-Ageing line.
It contains cell protecting tea, powerful vitamins & potent plant extracts.
Added DMAE, a nutrient that extends the life of cells while giving the skin a toned and firm appearance.  As we age the natural supply of DMAE in the human body decreases.

Saboré’s Anti Ageing cleanser is perfect for those concerned with ageing and pigmentation who don't wish to overload their skin with chemical-based anti-ageing products. The Hyaluronic Acid carries deep into the skin at the time of cleansing and can be locked in with your moisturiser after toning.  

Key Ingredients 
Green tea leaf extract: green tea is known to  
help diminish the signs of ageing, calm irritation,  
even out discoloration and soothe redness and  
swelling. Green tea has antimicrobial and  
astringent properties. 
Bladderwrack: Helps to soothe skin irritation and  
minimize the appearance of visible signs of  
ageing. Rich with vitamins and minerals 
nourishing dehydrated and mature skin. 
MSM (Organic sulfur): Helps to keep the skin  
healthy and strong to guard against permanent  
ageing and skin damage. Clinically proven to  
reduce fine lines and wrinkles and boost collagen  
and elastin production. 
DMAE bitartrate: Has anti-inflammatory effects  
and increases the skins firmness and elasticity. A  
high strength antioxidant protection that defends  
the skin against free radicals.

Skin Types & Directions 
Dry, Ageing skin types.  
Cleanse face and neck in circular motions in an upward direction. Be gentle with  the skin; heavy pressure is not required to cleanse. Remove with water,  sponge, or warm compresses. Follow with Saboré’s Anti-Ageing Toner, Moisturiser, and specific Anti-Ageing Serum as prescribed.
For superior results and penetration use this line after an in-salon Saboré Peel treatment.  

Helpful Information: 
A rich and creamy cleanser for ageing skin. 
Calming and soothing to the skin and can be used to reduce  
actives after a peel. 


Organic Aloe Leaf Juice
Grapeseed Oil
Coconut Oil
Witch Hazel Water
Hyaluronic acid
Vitamin E
Organic Sunflower Seed Oil
Organic Olive Fruit Oil
Organic Green Tea Leaf Extract Organic Rooibos Leaf Extract
Organic White Tea Leaf Extract Organic White Willow Bark Extract Organic Lavender Flower
Deionised Water
Roman Chamomile Water
Sativa Rice distillate
MSM (organic sulfur)
Arabian coffee
DMAE Bitartrate
Rose Flower Water
Echinacea Leaf
Norwegian kelp
Vitamin C Ester
Provitamin B5
Vitamin A Ester
Peppermint Leaf
Organic Neem Seed Oil
Organic Rosemary Leaf Ext Honey (manuka)
Organic Alcohol
Polysorbate 60
Xanthan Gum
Emulsifying Wax

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