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Sabore Phytocellular Moisturiser 50ml

Sabore Phytocellular Moisturiser 50ml

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Saboré’s Phyto cellular Moisturiser is everything and more for dry, aged, and  dehydrated skin types.

Contains whole plants and seeds that are naturally high in phytoestrogens and antioxidant bioflavonoids.

Regenerating and soothing organic extracts of green tea, gotu kola & shave grass, along with organic jojoba and hyaluronic acid drastically improves hydration and elasticity, reduces the signs of ageing, assists in normalising oil production, and helps prevent  breakouts caused by hormonal fluctuations in mature skin.  

A divine moisturiser that firms, lifts, and hydrates your skin helping to erase the  signs of ageing while restoring a healthy glow. Great for use after dermal planning to reduce vellus hair regrowth. 

Key Ingredients: 

Coffee Extract: Boosts the production of collagen in the skin. It firms and reduces redness in the skin. Coffee extract is good to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture, helps to protect the skin against sun damage leaving the skin to look brighter and feel moisturized. 

CoQ10: Energizes cells and help to clear out free radical build-up. Its benefits are to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen and elastin production, even skin tone and texture, giving the skin a more radiant and younger appearance. 

Shave Grass: Helps reduce the appearance of large pores and improve the appearance of skin tone and texture, promoting a tighter and firmer look. Shave grass is a good antioxidant that protects the skin against environmental damage. 

Comfrey Distillate: Helps to keep skin younger, reduce inflammation, helps to  develop a protective film over the skin cells that helps with reducing water loss.  Comfrey has high anti-inflammatory properties.

Skin Types & Directions 

Dry / Combination & Ageing skin types.  

Apply to face and neck every morning and/or night after cleansing and toning.  Press on to skin in an upward circular direction.  

Helpful Information: 

Can help to reduce colour & thickness of hair. 

Lighter in feel compared to Anti-Ageing Moisturiser. 

Calms & soothes skin while rebuilding. 

Great for older congested skin, pre-menopausal skin, and adult acne.



Organic Aloe vera juice
Organic Jojoba
Organic Sunflower
Organic Green Tea
Organic Gotu Kola
Organic Dandelion
Hyaluronic acid
Squalane (From Olive Oil)
Plant stem cells
Rice distillate
Vitamin E
Vitamin B5
Coffee extract
Neem leaf powder
Apple Extract
Amino acids
Shave grass
Comfrey distillate
Wild Geranium
Manuka Honey
Acetyl Hexapeptide-1
Deionized Water
Lactic Acid
Glycolic Acid
Ethoxylated sorbitan ester Xanthan Gum
Isopropyl myristate
Potassium sorbate

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