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Tweeny Skin

G.O.A.T Face Mist

G.O.A.T Face Mist

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A soothing, pH balanced, alcohol-free face mist treatment powered by hypochlorous acid. Ideal for sensitive through to acne-prone skin and everything in between it effectively purifies, calms, and protects your skin from flare-ups. Formulated with pure and stabilised hypochlorous acid, it supports your skin barrier and promotes a healthier complexion. Perfect for all tween and teen skin kinds, it's your daily skincare secret for happy, healthy skin.
For all skin kinds
Fights acne-causing bacteria
Calms inflammation
Purifies pores and clears congestion
Repairs damaged skin barrier
Hydrates dehydrated and dry skin
Improves skin texture
Alleviates itchiness and irritation
In the AM! ☀
Step 2 - TONE
Mist a generous amount all over face. Allow to completely dry before applying any other products onto skin, This is very important! Use throughout the day directly over sunscreen and/or over make-up as needed especially after a sweaty day at school to help refresh and purify your skin. 
Follow with your moisturiser and SPF. Those UV rays are watching. Always.
In the PM!☾
Same rules apply here, minus the SPF, obviously. Whoever told you moon burn is a thing, is lying.
Follow Step 2 from above!
Skin so bouncy and bright you’ll think twice about going straight to bed.
✩Special Tips✩
For the tweens and teens that only do PM skincare routine, we recommend using G.O.A.T Face Mist in the morning before applying SPF, particularly if you have breakout-prone skin.
Be sure to wait until G.O.A.T Face Mist has dried completely before applying any other products.
Always patch test new products before first use. Discontinue use If irritation occurs.


Hypochlorous Acid A natural substance produced by our white blood cells, acts as nature's disinfectant. It combats inflammation and accelerates the body's healing processes, making it perfect for defending the skin from harmful bacteria, reducing redness, and soothing irritation. With its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, hypochlorous acid is a superpower that not only protects but also nourishes the skin.

Water, Sodium Chloride, Hypochlorous Acid.

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