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Waihi Bush

Organic Omega 3 Super Boost Flaxseed Oil Blend

Organic Omega 3 Super Boost Flaxseed Oil Blend

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Organic Omega 3 Super Boost 

Our bodies cannot make the Essential Fatty Acid (EFA's) such as Omega-3, so we must get them from our food.  They are essential fatty acids needed for our wellbeing.  We rely on these good fats for all our cells to function correctly and they play a vital role in all aspects of a healthy body.    

This unique blend of nutritious oils has been formulated to offer the perfect balance of Omega oils.  It’s certified organic flaxseed oil base offers a valuable (or effective) amount of Omega-3 to your diet.  With a 1.8:1 Omega-3 ratio, it has the right balance to match the majority of diets.

The addition of the other specially selected oils provides the secondary omegas needed for hormone balance. These support a quicker response for new users of Flaxseed Oil as it boosts your body’s ability to utilise EFA's.  Modern living can inhibit the enzyme (D6D) needed to convert essential acid acids, so the inclusion of secondary Omega's provides a solution to getting them into the body.

The formulation also provides 15% RDI of vitamin E; a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant which contributes to cell protection from free radical damage and normal growth and development when consuming a healthy diet with a variety of food.

The coconut oil provides MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides ) which is lacking in most diets.  It is a dietary fat that is easily absorbed and therefore provides instant energy lift. 

The blend is gluten free so can be enjoyed by those that suffer from Coeliac Disease. 

Suitable for vegan and vegetarians wanting to add an extra nutritional boost to their daily diet.

Provides good fats for KETO diets.

How it is made?

Pressed from certified organic seeds, the oil is high quality, extra virgin, unrefined, containing no toxic substances or cholesterol. The oils are cold pressed in the absence of light, air and reactive metals and packaged in recyclable, BPA free, black HDPE plastic to further protect it against light damage.

  • The authenticity of the batch by batch traceability - each bottle can be traced all the way back to the paddock where the seed was grown.
  • Our oils are sustainably farmed, preserving our natural resources and are certified organic.


How much can I take?

We recommend a serving of 1 to 2 tablespoons of oil a day (15-30ml).

When first taking Omega 3 Super Boost, we advise that you start off slowly with a small amount (e.g. 1 teaspoon a day), and build up the amount over a few days.   Excessive amounts of Omega 3 Super Boost Oil may cause diarrhoea or nausea. For some people taking Flaxseed Oil on an empty stomach can cause nausea.  Remember it is a natural product so your body will tell you what is the right amount.

Can I use whilst pregnant or trying to conceive?

It is safe to take Organic Omega 3 Super Boost when pregnant.

The foetus must obtain the EFAs, Omega-3 and Omega- 6 from the mother for the optimum brain, eye and nervous system development.

Serving suggestions: 

For the ultimate result blend 15ml of your Organic Omega 3 Super Boost oil with any form of milk protein, hemp hearts or sunflower seeds daily.

  • Blend into a yogurt, smoothie or shake
  • Mix with cottage cheese
  • Blend with soaked hemp hearts or sunflower seeds

Your oil can be used on or in any finished meal, just don't cook with it or you will damage its nutritional properties.

Some other ideas on how to use include:

  • Blend into hummus, pesto or dip
  • Flax seed oil goes well with vegetable dishes such as greens, salads, steamed vegetables, mashed potato and soups
  • Mix with fruit and vegetable juices
  • Use equal parts flax seed oil and butter for spreads

Store in a cool environment until opening. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within six weeks. Unopened product can be frozen to prolong shelf life.


Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Extra Virgin Certified Organic Seed Oils: Flax (72%), Hemp, Evening Primrose, Pumpkin, Coconut and uncertified Blackcurrant.

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