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Sabore Anti Ageing Treatment Set (Combination)

Sabore Anti Ageing Treatment Set (Combination)

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Prevention is the key to youthful looking skin, but if your skin has been subjected to neglect in your earlier years, environmental stresses and damage, scientific formulations are available to target these concerns and improve skin structure, lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Our Sabore Anti Ageing Set for Combination skin types is for those who wish to prevent, target damage and age concerns without creams that are too heavy for their skin.  Ages 25 and up for this set 

Set Contains:

Clarity AHA Cleanser 150ml - Containing naturally derived Anti-Ageing AHA acids along with other Organic Active Extracts to gently, yet effectively deeply cleanse the skin.  A gorgeous creamy cleanser with a divine and popular lemongrass and lime scent.

Clarity Toner 150ml - The perfect companion after our Clarity Cleanser, packed full of quality Organic Anti Ageing ingredients such as Organic Sugar Maple, Sugar Cane, Bilberry, Lemon, Orange, Willow Bark, Tea Tree, Aloe and Cranberry.  Naturally occurring acids such as milk, tartaric, glycolic, citric and lactic.

ACE Day Moisturiser 50ml - A Lighter feeling Anti Ageing Moisturiser that still packs a punch, with lots targeted ingredients, including natural Vitamin A from Organic Carrot Pulp as a source of retinol, gentle and safe, Co Q 10, Vitamin C & E. 

Hydra Care SPF50 - A Full Spectrum sunscreen that absorbs well, shine free, leaving a silky matte finish and offers your skin a hydration boost.

Clarity Night Cream - Sabore utilises a multiple berry blend providing active ingredients targeting a range of skin concerns including sun damage.  Natural exfoliating AHAs refine dull skin to reveal a polished, smoothed and youthful complexion each morning.

 ADD ON:  Sabore Organic Botanical Exfoliating Mask 50ml - There are so many incredible ingredients in this mask that will give results! Packed with vitamins including B Complex & Vitamin E helping the skin to repair.  2 in 1 mask that offers exfoliation while aiding the skin in nourishment and hydration.  Great to use for congestion build up, refreshing and regenerating for the skin cells

ADD ON:  Akasha Collagen Powder 200g - Akasha Marine Peptide Collagen is derived from quality fish, and contains no fillers or additives.  This product can achieve so many benefits including firmer, glowing skin, healthier hair, strong nails, joint health and gut health benefits.  A must in your health kit.

Serum - we have a large range of active serums in our Sabore range, but because these are highly concentrated, we ask you to contact us so we can help you find the right one for your skin, and introduce it correctly.  

If you are purchasing our set, we can add a serum or 2 and include our set discount.  

If this is your first time purchasing our range you will be best to start with the set first, then introduce the serum after a week or 2 of regular use.

You can contact Shalamar directly:


FB: kallosbeautynz 





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