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Sabore Sensitive Moisturiser 50ml

Sabore Sensitive Moisturiser 50ml

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A targeted and active moisturiser to assist with redness, inflammation, and sensitive  skin types.

Containing many ingredients that heal, calm & rebuild fragile skin such as Jojoba, Aloe & Organic Oat Seeds containing natural saponins, Turmeric to fight acne and irritation while diminishing sunspots, and Copaifera Resin Oil renown for treating common skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.  

In addition, Vitamin B3 and B5 are especially beneficial for sensitive and acne skin  types. B5 helpful for normal and dry skin types promoting hydration and wound  healing while B3 is antibacterial and reduces the impact of environmental damage to the skin because of its ability to improve the skin’s barrier. 

Key Ingredients: 

Organic Goldenseal: Promotes healthy skin, it helps to relieve itchiness that is associated with eczema and other skin problems.

It is antibacterial, antifungal and has anti inflammatory properties. 

Copaifera Resin Oil: Contains the highest number of anti-inflammatory properties. It  

restores moisture and plumpness, helps to reduce redness and irritations, helps to  

naturally heal skin infections and inflammation, soothing and improves skin tone. 

Sandalwood Oil: Increases skin repair and healing.  Sandalwood is anti inflammatory and hydrating.  Gently tones and tightens the appearance of fine  lines and wrinkles and is soothing to the epidermis and evens out skin tone. 

Geranium Essential Oil: Geranium essential oil is highly soothing and has antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to soothe irritations or breakout prone skin and fights against environmental factors.

Skin Types & Directions 

Sensitive / Dry / Normal 

After cleansing and toning with Saboré’s Sensitive Cleanser and applying Rebalance Toner, apply moisturiser and press with fingertips in upwards circular motions taking care not to tug down on the skin.   

Helpful Information: 

Extremely hydrating to delicate skin. 

Devine in summer months when skin can become inflamed, hypersensitive, and  irritated.  

Apply to hands for aromatherapy benefits


Organic Aloe Juice
Organic Licorice Extract
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Jojoba Seed Oil
Organic Echinacea Extract
Organic Oat Seed
Organic Neem Seed Oil
Organic Turmeric
Organic Goldenseal
Organic Rosemary Leaf Ext
Organic Dandelion
Organic Sunflower Seed Oil
Organic White Willow Bark Ext Vitamin B3
Vitamin B5
Copaifera Resin Oil
Wild Geranium
Deionized Water
Rose Flower Water
Melissa Essential Oil
Stearic Acid
Sandalwood oil
Witch Hazel Water
Vitamin E
Sunflower Seed Oil
Shave grass
Geranium Essential Oil
Propolis Extract
Organic Alcohol
Emulsifying Wax
Cetyl Alcohol
Stearyl Alcohol
Xanthan Gum
Tetrasodium Glutamate

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