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Zitzaps-Yellow Star Pimple Patches

Zitzaps-Yellow Star Pimple Patches

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Treating and protecting pimples has never been easier or more fun! Our Zitzapz are made of 100% hydrocolloid, which prevents scaring and effectively reducing redness and swelling, flattening pimples overnight. Zitzapz stick directly to your skin to treat mild breakouts and superficial pimples like whiteheads and pustules that are just popping up or recently have come to head overnight. Zitzapz will absorb all the excess fluid, oil and dirt away from those pesky little pimples while creating a moist environment to accelerate healing. They also act as a protective barrier from lil' fingers trying to pick at them

Heals pimples in 6 hours

Prevents from picking at your face

Draws out all the gunk

Reduces the redness and swelling of active pimples

Absorbs excess oil

Prevents pimples from scarring the skin

Shields pimples from dirt, grime and bacteria accelerating the healing process




100% Hydrocolloid

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